Unique Advantages:
American and Frane "plug and play" handpiece connector, make sure stable connection for long using time and unique assembly standard.
Integrates with 6 different handpieces, which have their own design and function.
According to the experience from our customers worldwide, you can believe its function and performance.
Intelligent system design - 6 different systems, easily controlled (able to switch and adjust parameters) on LCD displace.

Quick: Scientific handpiece design, easily move the probe on the skin.

Efficiency: 40.5KHz ultrasonic cavitation technology is bst for fat reduction - safe and efficient, integrating with our referenced clinic studies; excellent treatment result can be expected at the first treatment.

Convenience: Internal modular design, easy installation and maintenance.
User friendly software control, all parameters adjustable on LCD screen easily.
Strong packing: aluminum alloy case, durable in any rough transportation.

Comfortable: Painless (RF) probes comfortable during the whole treatment.
Perfect cooling system: Semiconductor + air+ water
High quality of machine shell: ABS material
Suitable for the performance of skin care center, spa, medical spa, clinic, hospital

The best benefit for the owner of this equipment: Master 6 different technologies in one equipment at the same time, can get your investment in very short time and enhance the reputation of yours in turn. Why not have a try?

Skin rejuvenation, Wrinkle removal on face and neck, Skin care, Face shaping, Body slimming, Fat reduction, Cellulite reduction, Fatigue relieving, Massage, Metabolism improvement and acceleration
Controller 8.4" color touch LCD screen
Output power: 1000W
Ultrasonic cavitation frequency: 40.5KHz
Ultrasonic Power: 1-50W/cm2
RF Frequency: 60MHz
RF Energy: 1-50J
Vacuum pressure: 0~-0.1Mpa
Handpiece number: 6 pcs.
S1 monopolar RF handpiece (cooling) with 2 probes; spot size: 16/32mm
S2 bipolar RF handiece (cooling) with 2 probes; spot size: 16/32mm
S3 tripolar RF handpiece
S4 ultrasonic cavitation handpiece
S5 ultrasonic cavitation + monopolar RF handpiece
S6 vacuum absorption + tripolar RF handpiece
Cooling System: Semiconductor + air + water + cooling gel
Skin cooling: «0-10°C
Program language: English
Working time: continuosly / time setting
Dimension of machine: 45x50x122cm
Dimension of package: 47x61x134cm
N.W.: 34kg
G.W.: 52.5kg
Packing: aluminum alloy case
Voltage: 220V / 110V

Janssen Body Shaper