IPL / RF Intensed Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency
These two technologies combined together create the E-Light System. E-Light is designed to tighten tissue for the skin rejuvenation treatments.  Also helps destroy difficult hairs like blonde, grey and white.
Two great technologies combined into one machine
Fashionable design, compact structure
Increased energy for higher efficiency and more comfortable treatments
Imported parts from Germany
Low weight, easy to carry and delivery
Trolley is available for optional assembly.

This type of beauty equipment is widely used for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, brown spots and freckling (pigmentation), wrinkle reduction, vascular therapy (red spider veins), acne treatments, breast firming, body and face tightening, and more.
Power Supply Output: 1500W
Capacitors Number: 3(10000uf/1pcs)
IPL Light Energy: 1-50J
RF Energy: 1-50J
RF Frequency: 6MHz
Pulse Duration: 1-9.9
Pulse/Discharge Interval: 1-4ms Pulse No: 1-6
Hand piece Number:1
Spot Size: 12x40 mm
Shot Number: 100,000
Wavelength: 480, 530, 590, 640, 690, 750nm
Cooling System : Semiconductor + wind+water+cooling system
Display Screen: 7.4 inch color touch LCD screen
Dimension: 39x47x50
Weight: 23 Kg

Janssen Ultra Wave IPL/RF