Durable high quality Laser equipment
6 Laser paddles
Non invasive, pain free
Comfortable, very effective fat reduction treatments

Lipo Laser is a new revolutionary system that uses low level lasers to penetrate the skin for smoothing cellulite, fat reduction and body shaping treatments. This process is called Biostimulation. The Laser Paddles are placed on the desired fat and cellulite areas. The Laser Light or energy is absorbed into the skin about 5/8 of an inch into the fat layer. The method of Biostimulation helps melt and shrink the fat cells.  The excess fat and waste is excreted from the body. Can treat the body and face. All treatments are pain free and comfortable.
Power Supply Output: 500W / 300W optional
Wavelength: 635nm
Paddles: 6
Diode Laser: 38
Single-Laser Output: 40mw-200mw
LCD: 8" / 5.6" optional
Language: English
Working Time: continuously / time setting
Voltage: 110V

Janssen Lipo Laser