This Multi-Function Laser has 4 handles
1. Laser tattoo removal
2. E-Light for skin rejuvenation, brown spots, red spider veins and acne
3. IPL for hair removal
4. RF for skin tightening and fat reduction
Durable for fast pace Salon and Spas
Professional design with most parts from Europe and the U.S.
Great results for clients.

This equipment can meet all the needs of your clients.
The Multi-Function treatments this Laser has to offer is endless.
Permanent results with comfortable sessions.

Power Supply Output: 2000W
Cooling System : water + air + semiconductor + cooling gel
Controller: 8.4" color touch screen
IPL Light Energy: 1-50J
RF Energy: 1-50J
Spot Size: 12x40 mm
5 Filters: changeable
Laser tattoo removal: Q-switched ND Yag
Wavelength: 532nm & 1064nm (changeable tips)
Energy: up to 1600J
Equipment Dimensions: 51x64x39cm
Package Dimensions: 64x76x62cm
Net Weight: 30 Kg
Gross Weight: 50 Kg
Voltage: 110V / 220V



Janssen Multi-Function Laser