Fashionable design, compact structure
Increased energy for higher efficiency and more comfortable treatments
Imported parts from Germany
Low weight, easy to carry and delivery
Trolley is available for optional assembly.
Treats a broad range of tattoo colors
Removes facial and body tattoos
Laser works for skin rejuvenation procedures and treating pigmentation
Removes brown spots, age spots and freckles
Suitable for all types of skin
Wavelength: 1064 and 532nm
Laser Type: Saphire and Ruby Q-Switch
LCD Display: 7.4" color touch screen
Indicator Light: Ruby indicator
Energy: 1600mj
Pulse Width: 6ns
Frequency: 1-6
Spot Diameter: 1-6mm
Cooling System: Wind+Water+semiconductor
Size: 37x50x36cm
Weight: 15kg
Power Source: 220V/15A 50Hz

Janssen Laser Tattoo Removal